I was born and raised in Calgary – I love its rolling hills,
the rivers, the wide open sky,
and the beautiful mountains on the horizon.

I love my suburban neighborhood,
the bustling streets of downtown,
and the cozy cafes and shops uptown.
I love the vast diversity of the people here.
I love that strangers say hello when I go to the park.

I love my husband fervently,
and our two kids are the light of my world.

I also love lattes and traveling.

And photography, of course!

I grew up with a camera in my hand.
Every year I would pack two or three disposables in my bag
in preparation for each week at summer camp,
as I hoped to remember everyone I would meet.

At the end of every summer my parents had the rolls developed,
and as I eagerly flipped through the pile,
each photo would evoke a different memory and emotion
of my time with those I had met
or of the places I had gone.

Over time I realized that photos represent more
than just the faces in them – they help us relive moments passed
with those God has given to us.

They remind us where we’ve been
and where we came from,
and they often remind us where we are going.
They endure long after names or places would otherwise be forgotten.

I took this appreciation for photography with me
to many birthdays and school events,
as I grew up,
as I've traveled,
and as I settled down.

Fueled by a life-long love of beautiful images
and capturing every moment big and small,
white apple photography was born in 2008
and has become my Calgary-based photography studio
catering to every one who loves.


For over a decade I’ve been capturing this love
through my passion for photography.

Thanks for getting to know a bit about me!
Let’s sit down over a yummy hot drink and talk about you.
Send me a message!


Lauren 13